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By Knycole is a photography business that specializes in capturing the beauty of life. My passion is to tell your story authentically and to capture the most candid moments. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to capture the beauty of life. From events to portraits, I am here to make sure your photos are one-of-a-kind. 

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It's pronounced like 'Ni-cole,' but the 'K' is silent.

I am a photographer based in Vancouver, but my passion for photography began in the northern part of the Philippines, where I grew up. During my college years, I pursued a Multimedia Arts degree, focusing on various aspects such as photography, cinematography, and 2D/3D animation. Following my graduation, I secured an internship where I dedicated my efforts to photography. It was during this time that my love for photography deepened, eventually leading to a job offer after completing my studies. I spent a fulfilling year working as a wedding photographer in my home country before relocating to Canada with my family.

Apart from photography, I thoroughly enjoy embarking on solo travels, connecting with people, and embracing new experiences. When I'm not capturing moments with my camera, you'll likely find me operating my drone, immersing myself in extensive editing sessions on my laptop.


I am also an avid enthusiast of movies and animated films. Spontaneous adventures fuel my spirit, whether it involves hiking, skydiving, ziplining, or anything that gets me closer to the heights-I'm that kind of gal!


FAQ # 1

What is your approach?

Authenticity is paramount in my photography approach. I believe in capturing moments in their most natural form, paying close attention to the intricate details that render each portrait truly one-of-a-kind.

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